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Armenian PM: The reason for low salaries is inefficient management
/Sept 4/MediaMax/

Yerevan – Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said today that “the reason for low salaries in state government system is in many cases inefficient management, as well as unreasonable disposal of state resources.”

 “What is the sequence of actions? We shouldn’t live well and then only think about efficient management of our state and its resources, but the other way around. First, we should work on increasing the efficiency of ourselves, the systems under our responsibility, and then we will certainly witness the improvement in well-being of employees of state structures, emergency situations system, rescuers and every one of us,” Prime Minister Pashinyan said at the meeting with employees of Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, “it is necessary to unite forces, as it is impossible to provide development in any separate sector or ministry.”

Armenia mulls tripling benefit for second-born child
/Sept 6/Xinhua, China/

YEREVAN – Armenian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilyan will submit a draft decision to the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday which proposes tripling the one-time child benefit paid to parents for every second-born child, Armenpress reported.

Armenia has a state policy of encouraging childbearing which sets fixed one-time payments to the parents for the birth of every child. The benefit for both the first child and second child is now set at 50,000 AMD (about 103 U.S. dollars), while the benefit for the third and fourth child is set at one million AMD (2,067 dollars). The one-time benefit for the fifth child and on is set at 1.5 million AMD (3,100 dollars).

The government is expected to approve the proposal on Wednesday and set the amount for the one-time benefit for every second-born child at 150,000 (310 dollars).

If approved, the government’s decision will affect all second-born children born after Oct. 1, 2018.