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Portion of North-South Road Corridor to be tolled
/Sept 4/

A certain portion of the North-South Road Corridor will be a toll road after the project is completed. The toll will not exceed the price of gas which is spent when traveling the existing road, minister of transportation, communication and IT Ashot Hakobyan told reporters today at a press conference on his 100 days in office.

“Tolled roads aren’t only in Armenia, there are many similar [roads] in numerous countries. In this specific section the tolling is justified. It will be a toll road for everyone, both Armenian citizens and foreigners,” he said.

Hakobyan did not mention a completion date for the project, because it depends on international funding sources, the pace of the construction and the government’s financing opportunities.

Transport Minister: We inherited the transport system in a “sad” condition (video)
/Sept 4/A1+/

According to Transport Minister Ashot Hakobyan, there are many gaps in the transport system, we have inherited a “sad” situation, which is connected with the poor condition of the roads and the work of the businesses.

“We see a solution to the issue in creating a unified routing network; the presence of one operator, which will serve the entire region, rather than serving the routes that are favorable to him,” he says.

Referring to the North-South road, the Minister mentioned that the total length of 6.5 km has already been constructed, as well as 8 km base and substation, and 3.2 billion drams have been spent on all that. The land acquisition and resettlement program has also been completed.

“The problem of accumulation in Lars is in the neighboring countries of Armenia, Georgia and Russia,” says Ashot Hakobyan. Having an alternative to Lars will refer to freight traffic, and this is part of South Ossetia.

“At present negotiations are underway between the Russian and Georgian sides and the Swiss company SGS, so that the organization will be able to carry our cargoes in this intermediate sector,” said Hakobyan.

According to him, the accumulation in Lars is not conditioned only by Armenian drivers, as the Armenians there are only about 25%.

18.5% increase in passenger flow registered at Armenia’s airports in August
/Sept 5/A1+/

347 492 passengers were served at the two airports of Armenia in August, 2018, exceeding the same month of 2017 by 18.5%, Armenia International Airports CJSC reports.

1 872 998 passengers were served at the two airports of Armenia in January-August this year, which is more than the same period last year by 12.3%.

It is noteworthy that the passenger traffic registered at Zvartnots International Airport in August was a record – 329 665 passengers were served.

Another record was recorded on August 1. On that day, Zvartnots Airport served 11 337 passengers.

In January-August 2018, Zvartnots and Shirak airports also recorded an increase of takeoffs and landings by 11% as compared to the same month of the previous year.

North-South Road Corridor project under criminal investigation for misconduct and fraud
/Sept 5/A1+/

The Prosecutor General’s Office has received the report of the ministry of transportation, communication and information technologies about the North-South Road Corridor.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said that studies into the project revealed that officials who were involved in the development and implementation process of the North-South Road Corridor have made unnecessary changes in the contracts numerous times in 2009-2018, and have included in the contracts ineffective and ungrounded works and have implemented design and calculation documents with obvious errors.

The officials involved have also agreed to extend the construction and consulting services deadlines without charging the damages, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office. Misconduct also includes changing the costs in the contracts, which led to overpayment to consulting companies.

The Prosecutor General’s office also said that the officials have failed to conduct monitoring on the works and as a result the Tranche 1 Yerevan-Artashat and Yerevan-Ashtarak sections have been commissioned despite poor quality.

Damages caused to the state by misconduct exceed 23 billion drams.

A criminal case has been initiated.