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Yerevan Brandy Company raises the price of purchased grape
/Sept 3/

Yerevan Brandy Company will increase the price of the purchased grape by AMD 10.

According to the company, the grape purchasing process will begin on September 11.

The start will be given at Armavir branch (in Armavir marz of Armenia) of the enterprise. The Aygavan branch (Ararat marz) will join the process on September 12. Yerevan Brandy Company will purchase grape at Berd branch (Tavush marz) starting from September 17.

 “Focusing on the importance of viticulture in the borderline territories of Armenia, Yerevan Brandy Company is ready to buy the entire harvest from grape growers, the grapes of which will correspond to the quality standards of YBC,” reads the company’s press release.

This year the company will buy 29 000 tons of grape, allocating AMD 4,060 billion for the purchase.

Within 3-4 days from the moment of grape delivery, the grape growers will receive the payment to their bank accounts, specially opened by the company.

 “The purchasing price for 1kg of grapes will make AMD 140 for all the branches of the company. Moreover, being faithful to the practice “one year – single price”, which implies single price for absolutely the entire quantity of the purchased grape at all three branches, the company is ready to compensate the insufficient sugariness of the grapes of Tavush marz by the quantity of grapes purchased,” the company adds in the press release.

Grape producers: If the governor does not solve the issue, we will close Armavir-Yerevan highway for uncertain period (video)
/Sept 4/A1+/

Grape producers of Armvir province closed Armavir-Yerevan road this morning demanding to raise the price of grape harvest. they said that they would remain the road closed until the relevant authorities would give the answer to their question.

Without getting a clear answer from the authorities, protesters decided to gather tomorrow morning and go straight to the regional administration and demand that the governor solve their problem. And if tomorrow their issue is not settled, they will close the Armavir-Yerevan highway every day and it would last as long as the issue did not come to an end.

Armenian grape farmers shut down highway, demand raise in purchase prices
/Sept 6/JAM News/                                                                                                              

 After a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, protestors have temporarily stopped their demonstration                                                                                                                  Armenian grape farmers in Armavir have been protesting the low purchase price of their product for the second day in a row.                                                                                 Yesterday they gathered by the Ararat cognac factory in Armavir and later closed off the highway connecting the city with Yerevan.                                                                           There were several run-ins between drivers and protestors. Movement along the road was restored only towards the evening.                                                                                          The farmers are demanding 160 drams (less than 30 US cents) per kilogram, a price they were promised earlier. As of now, they only receive 140 drams. Buyers in turn say that they have already raised the purchase price by 10 drams, and that they cannot afford to raise it further.

Demonstrators say that it is unprofitable for them to sell their produce to buyers at the current price.

The Armenian Minister of Agriculture Artur Khachatryan met with the protesters today and promised to discuss the issue with grape purchasers and solve the problem. Afterwards, the farmers temporarily halted their demonstration.

Armenia to export meat to UAE
/Sept 10/A1+/

The United Arab Emirates Department of Climate Change and Environment and the State Food Safety Service of Armenia have been negotiating for a long time to export Armenia’s meat products to UAE.

The relevant authorities of the two countries have already confirmed the Health Certificate for the export of meat from the Republic of Armenia to the United Arab Emirates.

This fact will not only boost the trade turnover between the two countries, but it will also contribute to the strengthening of bilateral business ties and mutually beneficial cooperation.