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ESS XXII Annual Meeting and the 4th Congress of Armenian Surgeons to take place in Yerevan
/Sept 11/News.am/

The European Society of Surgery and the Armenian Association of Surgeons, with co-organizers will hold the ESS XXII Annual Meeting and the 4 th Congress of Armenian Surgeons in the capital of Armenia Yerevan on 26-28 September 2018.

The program of the Joint Meeting will include various topics of surgery. The congress will also host the 3 rd European Meeting of Residents and PhD Students in Surgery as well, that became a nice tradition during ESS Annual Meetings, and has a goal to bring together young and experienced surgeons in a scientific surgical event. The Congress website is accessible via: www.ess2018.am.

More than 20 years ESS successfully performed its mission, makes efforts to enrich and reinforce the cooperation between surgeons of West and East. The geography of ESS includes many countries of Europe and Asia. ESS became stronger and richer with its members and impact.

Armenia to send doctors, sappers to Aleppo
/Sept 10/Interfax – Russia & CIS Military Newswire/

Armenia is planning to send military medics, engineers, mine clearance experts to Syria to provide assistance to Aleppo residents, Armenian Deputy Defense Minister Gabriel Balayan said.

“Those are doctors, engineers, mine clearance experts, people of a humanitarian occupation, who will help Aleppo residents, mainly its Armenian community. On the basis of a request of the Syrian government, we will send experts, who would try to provide assistance to civilians by means of their knowledge, in addition to humanitarian aid we are sending,” Balayan told Armenia’s Radio Liberty.

The group, which is to be sent, will not be a member of any coalition, he said.

“It is exclusively Armenia’s assistance. The group is being sent as part of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 of 2015 and an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation with Syria. That is a result of the Armenian-Syrian agreement. The group will be subordinate to a relevant Armenian agency. But we also do not rule out certain cooperation with Russia or other parties, if the need should arise in the process,” Balayan said.

The deadline of the sending and the duration of the work have not been definitively determined, because talks are still ongoing, the deputy minister said.

“Beast on the Moon” about Armenian Genocide to be staged in Greece
/Sept 11/PanARMENIAN.Net/

Evangelos Papadakis, an actor and director working in Athens, Greece, will direct the Casus Belli theater group in a production of “Beast on the Moon”, Uwosh.edu reports.

Kalinoski said the play is about vulnerable refugee people struggling to keep their hopes alive while having lost everything as a result of the Armenian Genocide in 1915.

“A century after the Armenian genocide, we are still witnessing identical ‘pictures’ of human loss. Why?” Papadakis said.

Casus Belli will run Kalinoski’s award-winning play from Nov. 19 to Jan. 29, in the Simeio Theater, in Athens. Kalinoski is an internationally renowned theatrical playwright and faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

“In such an unstable political environment where ‘refugees’ are a major political issue for Greece and for the rest of Europe, there is no better way of dealing with this theme than putting on stage, Beast on the Moon,” Papadakis said.

He speaks of the thousands of refugees from the Eastern countries that had to leave their homes, go to Istanbul and travel through the Mediterranean Sea to Greece, to Europe, to find a better life. Instead many found death.

“They were drowned. And those who survived death lost their families, lost their dignity, lost their identity,” Papadakis added. “What can be their future? How are they going to create new lives in foreign places? How can we—citizens of the Western world—show empathy for those less fortunate people?”

New book studies how Armenian lobby influences U.S. policy-making
/Sept 11/PanARMENIAN.Net/

A new book titled “Congress and Diaspora Politics: The Influence of Ethnic and Foreign Lobbying”, which studies the impact of lobbying efforts by domestic ethnic groups and foreign governments on U.S. policymaking, has recently been published by SUNY Press.

The book explores, among other things, how the Armenian lobby has influenced American policy-making over the years.

Furthermore, there is a special chapter titled “The Armenian and Turkish Lobbying, and the (Non-) Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the United States.”

“Congress and Diaspora Politics” examines the impact of lobbying efforts by domestic ethnic groups and foreign governments on US policymaking,” the publishers said in the description.

“Over time, the number and variety of ethnic groups have grown, and foreign governments have increasingly turned to professional lobbyists rather than relying on their diplomatic corps to cultivate relationships with Congress.

“The case studies presented here examine this new lobbying environment by focusing on Jewish American, Muslim American, and Cuban American interest groups as well as lobbying efforts by the governments of Turkey, Armenia, Mexico, and others. They explore the strategies, tactics, and resources utilized to impact policymaking.

“The volume also offers perspectives of those who have worked on both sides of the lobbying equation— “a view from K Street” (the lobbying side) and “a view from the Hill” (the congressional side). Finally, challenges lawmakers face when Diaspora interests intersect with national interests are covered.”

Russian-Armenian billionaire launches investment fund: media
/Sept 12/PanArmenian/

After the sale of the shares of Magnit – one of Russia’s largest food retailers – Russian businessman of Armenian origin Sergey Galitsky (Arutyunyan) has created an investment fund, which has already considered several options for investment in food production, Kommersant reports citing two sources familiar with the matter.

The sources, however, failed to disclose the name of the fund and its size.

According to data from Russia’s Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Galitsky established SN Capital LLC in Krasnodar in June 2018. The main activity of the new company is provision of financial services

According to one source, the new fund has already hired the staff.

Several food producers in the south of Russia have reportedly been considered for investment, but no projects have so far been selected, says the other source.

Galitsky or his representatives were not available for comment.

Harutyun Marutyan elected new director of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Harutyun Marutyan elected new director of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute
/Sept 14/News.am/

YEREVAN. – The Armenian Genocide Museum-Intitute Board of Trustees has elected Harutyun Marutyan as a new director of the museum through secret ballot on Friday.

Four candidates were nominated: of those Hayk Demoyan received 2 votes and Harutyun Marutyan received 11. The other two candidates – Armen Asryan and Stepan Stepanyants – received no votes.

A few months ago a conflict occurred between the former director of the museum Hayk Demoyan and the minister of education of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan.

Michaëlle Jean “honored” to receive Armenia’s National Order
/Sept 14/PanArmenian/

Secretary General of the International Organisation of La Francophonie Michaëlle Jean said in a tweet on Friday, September 14 that she is honored to be decorated with Armenia’s National Order.

Jean visited Yerevan on Tuesday and paid tribute to the memory of 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide at the memorial in Tsitsernakaberd.

She then met Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and gave a press conference afterwards.

“Armenia, a country of heart, values, courage and resistance. To be decorated with the National Order is an immense trust, recognition and a great honor. Armenians, #Francophony loves you!” the Secretary general tweeted.

Armenia is hosting the Summit of La Francophonie on October 11-12. French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are among the heads of state expected to arrive in Armenia for the event.

Archaeologists study 70,000-year-old prehistoric site in Armenian village
/Sept 15/ArmenPress/

GAVAR – Archaeological excavations have commenced in the village of Kalavan in Gegharkunik Province since August 26, carried out by a joint Armenian-German expedition team.

Excavations initially began in 2004 and were re-launched in 2017.

The current team consists of 15 scientists representing Armenia, Germany, Portugal, Israel, France and the United States. The work is proceeding in the Kalavan 2 Stone Age site. According to scientists, this site is a 70,000-year-old shelter of a prehistoric human. Excavations revealed man-made stone tools, hunting tools and other findings.

The excavation will continue until September 26.

UAE embassy sponsors Village Life and Traditions Festival in Yerevan
/Sept 17/ArmenPress/

YEREVAN – The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Armenia has sponsored the Village Life and Traditions Festival in Yerevan as part of the Year of Zayed initiative. The festival’s goal is to highlight the traditions of women farmers and development, as well as provide material assistance to women of different regions and villages of Armenia for implementation of their projects and crafts.

The Year of Zayed initiative has been organized by the government of the UAE on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of birth of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the United Arab Emirates.

The initiative aims at strengthening and spreading the values which the country’s founder established. These values include supporting and empowering women worldwide.

UAE Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., Mrs. Ahlam al-Salami delivered opening remarks at the festival, noting that this is already the third consecutive year that the embassy is carrying out this initiative.

The festival enabled to develop the work of women farmers, organize meetings, conduct exchange of experience and find new and real markets for their products.

Armenia marks 100th anniversary of foundation of parliament
/Sept 20/News.am/

YEREVAN – The National Assembly of Armenia is marking its 100th anniversary of foundation.

A gala evening is held in the seat of parliament in Yerevan. All lawmakers, former and incumbent, have been invited to the event.

During the event, a film dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian parliament is shown.

Yerevan police officers to carry Armenian-French phrasebooks at La Francophonie summit
/Sept 20/Panorama/

Armenian police officers will carry Armenian-French phrasebooks with them during the 17th Summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at today’s Cabinet meeting.

Armenian Police Chief Valery Osipyan also confirmed that those officers, who will directly contact with the summit guests, will carry such phrasebooks. 

Ahead of La Francophonie summit scheduled for October in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, police have also presented Armenian-French phrasebooks to the government members.

“Placed on your tables is the gift of the Armenian police to the government – Armenian-French phrasebook, ahead of the 17th La Francophonie summit. It is a great event for us and a good opportunity to increase the number of languages that we master,” Pashinyan said, stressing the need for Armenian citizens to speak several foreign languages, with the summit standing as “a good opportunity for us to take another step in this direction.” 

British architects leading calls to save Armenia’s Zvartnots Airport
/Sept 20/Public Radio of Armenia/

British architects are leading international calls to save Terminal 1 of Armenia’s Zvartnots airport, one of the jewels of Soviet crown, which now looks like a monolithic space-city straight out of science fiction, according to the Daily Mail.

After it was built in the 1970s, more than 2,500 passengers crowded through the country’s most modern airport terminal every hour. For them, it was the height of luxury with a restaurant high up on the central control tower and views across to the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Leading British architect Tim Flynn says the airport is an outstanding piece of architecture. His London-based international practice has had an office in Yerevan for 14 years.

And he hopes that the new government in Armenia which came to power after May’s Velvet Revolution will decide Zvartnots is a historical building worth preserving. He warns, however, that the longer it’s left to crumble away, the chances of saving it diminish.

“I realize the new prime minister has a lot on his plate, but I hope his conscience will lead to a change of plan. Whatever you think of the old Soviet Union, the buildings from this period were extraordinary and adventurous, a piece of history,” the Daily Mail quotes Flynn as saying.

Clem Cecil, of SAVE Europe’s Heritage and director of London’s Pushkin House, the Russian cultural centre, said: ‘The Zvartnots building is a classic of its kind – it should be saved. It was built in a period when Stalin’s grip had been broken and Soviet architects were experimenting with international influences.”

“Zvartnots is very cutting edge and reflects the excitement of the times. The problem is it’s been under-appreciated and vulnerable. The fact there’s a growing effort to save it is good news,” she noted.

Armenia’s government to allocate 109 million 296 thousand AMD to MFA for organizing “Against Genocide Crime” Forum
/Sept 20/Aysor/

Armenia’s cabinet decided at its sitting today to allocate 109 million 296 thousand AMD to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the organization of events in the sidelines of “Against Genocide Crime” third Global Forum to be conducted in Armenia from December 9-11, 2018.
The sum is necessary for preparation and conduction of events in the sidelines of the forum.
The task group set at the ministry earlier this year has worked out the concept, prepared the list of invitees and sent the invitations. A number of leading experts, directors of genocide museums, cultural and art figures have initially confirmed their participation in the forum.
The UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide is also expected to participate in the event.