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Lawmaker: Anti-Armenian phrasing removed from PACE draft resolution
/Sept 13/Panorama/

Another anti-Armenian wording has been removed from a draft resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the head of the Armenian delegation to PACE, Arpine Hovhannisyan said in a post on Facebook.

“Perhaps, I would not address this issue if not for yesterday’s military-patriotic and pathetic hysteria of the Azerbaijani president, since I do not like to open brackets in advance,” she wrote, promising to provide more details of the matter at the PACE October session.

“For now, I can state that one of the reasons behind Azerbaijan’s hysteria is that two days ago another Azerbaijan-cherished anti-Armenian phrasing that “Nagorno-Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan” has not found a place in the regular draft resolution,” she detailed.

The lawmaker stresses this is the sixth time during her one-year tenure as the head of Armenian delegation when such wordings which are a result of Azerbaijan’s lobbying are removed from PACE resolutions.

“This work will be continuous. Aliyev needs to understand that neither praising [Armenian PM] Nikol Pashinyan and then criticizing him won’t give him Artsakh, nor can he ever see the weakening of our defense by relying on domestic political contradictions in Armenia.

“When it comes to our existence and identity, there are no political disagreements inside the country or any compromise for Azerbaijan,” she stressed, adding Azerbaijan would better deal with its own problems, as it is facing many of them. 

318 doctors and 1314 nurses from Artsakh will undergo professional retraining
/Sept 17/Arminfo/Alexander Avanesov/

318 doctors and 1314 nurses from Artsakh will undergo professional retraining. An agreement was reached between the Healthcare Ministers of Armenia and Artsakh – Arsen Torosyan and Arayik Baghryan.

As the press service of the RA Ministry of Healthcare reports, doctors and nurses of district medical institutions and rural dispensaries will be retrained. The process of retraining will be carried out in three stages – the first will be organized from October 15 to November 13 (without days off, a day for 6 hours, 180 hours of training in total). At this stage, all therapists and heads of outpatient clinics in the settlements of Qajatakh, Hadrut, Martakert, Askeran will be involved in the process of retraining. Partly in the upcoming event therapists and pediatricians of several medical institutions in Stepanakert will also be involved.

Retraining will be conducted with the assistance of the Ministries of Healthcare of Armenia and Artsakh, the National Healthcare Institute of the Ministry of Healthcare of the RA and the "Armenian Aid" Fund.