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Century later, Komitas returns to Sorbonne
/Oct 1/ArmenPress/

YEREVAN – Sorbonne University of Paris, France, hosted the Komitas: Crossroads of Classic and Modern international seminar on September 28. The event took place at Sorbonne’s Grand Salon, the Komitas Museum-Institute told ARMENPRESS.

The event took place in the very same hall where nearly a century ago Komitas himself delivered a lecture.

The seminar is part of the Komitas international festival which was launched in Yerevan, sponsored by the culture ministry. It began September 26th, the birthday of Komitas, and will run through October 8th.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Komitas Museum-Institute, the Embassy of France in Armenia and the Paris Academy. The academic discussions were followed by a concert of Voix de Stras.

Union of Banks of Armenia has new chairman
/Oct 4/ARKA/

YEREVAN – Artak Anesyan, CEO of Ameriabank, has been elected as new chairman of the Union of Banks of Armenia (UBA), UBA said. 
Artak Anesyan has replaced Hakob Andreasyan, the Executive Director of ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, who held the position since 2017. Artak Anesyan was elected at a meeting of the UBA Board. 
The Union of Banks of Armenia is a legal, non-profit organization that does not pursue the receipt and distribution of profits among its participants. 
The main goals of the union are to protect the interests of its members in government agencies, local self-government bodies, public and international organizations, to identify and solve legislative problems hindering the banks’ activity.

Henry Kissinger accepts President Sarkissian’s invitation to visit Armenia
/Oct 5/Public Radio of Armenia/

President Armen Sarkissian, who is in New York on a working visit, on October 4 had a working lunch with the renowned American state figure, diplomat Henry Kissinger, who in 1973-77 served as the US Secretary of State and was the National Security Adviser in the Administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Jerald Ford.

The President of Armenia and the former Secretary of State of the United States exchanged views on the global politics and issues of international security, particularly, those related to the South Caucasus region and existing challenges.

Armen Sarkissian and Henry Kissinger are old friends. The President of Armenia and the former Secretary of State always use the opportunity to discuss international, including different regional issues in the framework of global events.

President Sarkissian invited Henry Kissinger to visit Armenia and the latter accepted the invitation with pleasure.

In 1973, Henry Kissinger received the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts aimed at stopping the war in Vietnam and signing of the Paris Agreement on restoration of peace.

Armenia refused 78 asylum seekers this year
/Oct 9/Panorama/

Armenia received 84 asylum applications about 145 people in January -September 2018, the head of the country’s migration service Armen Ghazaryan told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday. In Ghazaryan’s words, 36 applications out of the total number were solved with 67 people granted a refugee status, while 18 applications were rejected.

In terms of geography, Ghazaryan said most of the applications had been submitted from Syria, Iraq and Yemen: “As a result of the civil war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen, we have increased asylum seekers from that country. We live in a volatile region where the number of asylum seekers increases during an escalation of any conflict,” added the speaker.

Ghazaryan outlined the housing issue as the main problem refugees currently face.

“Housing was been periodically provided to refugees from Azerbaijan, yet the housing issue has not been fully addressed even after they obtained Armenian citizenship. In 2004, the Armenian government adopted a decision to provide housing to refugees, yet the programme was stopped in 2009 due to insufficient budget means. Today, we are working to address the matter both through budget and at the same time elaborate on attracting alternative means,” the head of the migration service said.