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UNWTO: Tourists spent over $1 billion in Armenia in 2017 UNWTO: Tourists spent over $1 billion in Armenia in 2017
/Oct 17/

Tourists visiting Armenia last year spent $ 1.120 billion, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported.

According to the report, a total of 1,495 million tourists visited Armenia in 2017.

Georgia is the leader in the number of tourists among the South Caucasus countries, as the country was visited by 3.4 million tourists. However, tourists spent $ 2,751 billion in Georgia, while in Azerbaijan – $ 3,012 billion, although the latter was visited by 2.4 million people.

The United States top the rankings with 211 billion spent by tourists per year, leaving behind Spain, France, Thailand, Great Britain, Italy, Australia, Germany, Macau and Japan.

Armenia to host 2019 Alpine skiing tournament for first time
/Oct 18/A1+/

The Armenian Ski Federation has approved the calendar of October-December 2018 events.

As reported by the Facebook page of the federation, the list of participants and places of skiing and alpine skiing for trainings and rating tournaments are already clear.

With the support of the International Ski Federation, Armenia will host the 2019 Alpine skiing tournament for the first time, which will be held from January 28 to February 1 in Tsakhkadzor.

In order to participate in the competitions prescribed by the International Federation, the athletes must sign a contract with the federation and receive a new license. The federation has decided to postpone the formation of a skiing team for another 1 year and introduce a normative system for all age groups.