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The Ministry of Health does not exclude from next year in Armenia the increase in prices for medical care within the framework of the state order
/Oct 29/Arminfo/Alina Oganesyan/

In all likelihood, from next year in Armenia we should expect an increase in the price of medical services within the framework of the state order. This was reported during a press conference on October 29 by and. about. Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan.

In this regard, he called the medical services provided to socially vulnerable groups of the population – the beneficiaries of the "Paros" program. As explained

A.Torosyan for those who have 30 points and 36 points or more within the program, the cost of medical services will be equalized and will include costly procedures (standing of cardiac vessels, etc.). "The cost of state order will be equated with the market, and we will establish strict control in order to exclude any kind of possibility for doctors to receive additional funds from clients. This will be possible due to the expected increase in budgetary expenditures in the field of healthcare next year, "he said. Speaking of performance results, the. The head of the Ministry of Health stressed that this year, for the first time in many years, it was possible to fairly distribute funds among medical institutions, in particular, regional ones, and to increase salaries to doctors. "This year we are doing everything possible to distribute budget funds as efficiently as possible, which will help improve the financial condition of medical institutions in Armenia and eliminate the shadow mechanisms for receiving funds from patients," he said. the minister

At the same time, Torosyan noted that one of the key tasks of the ministry is to develop solutions that provide for different payment plans for medical care.

Armenia’s population continues to decrease
/Oct 31/ARKA/

YEREVAN, – Armenia’s resident population on October 1, 2018 stood at 2,969,200 people, according to the latest numbers, released today by the National Statistical Committee. It said when compared to October 1, 2017 the population was down by 10,400 people.

Compared with the beginning of the year, the population was said to have decreased by 3,500 people. According to the National Statistics Committee, the number of urban populations as of October 1 stood at 1,895,400 people. Some 1,079,400 of them lived in the capital Yerevan. In rural areas, the population stood at 1,073,800 people.

In January-September 2018, the number of births decreased by 4.2% to 26, 483. At the same time, the number of deaths during the reporting period decreased by 6.4% to 19,135.