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Head of Ministry of Labor and Social Development: Medical care for Armenian pensioners will be provided within the framework of the introduction of Compulsory Medical Insurance
/Nov 9/Arminfo/Naira Badalian/

The issue of providing high-quality medical services to retirees can be resolved as part of the introduction of Compulsory Medical Insurance s. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia Mane Tindilian stated this at a press conference on November 9.

According to her, no matter how much the pension rises, she will not be able to provide them with the right to use the whole range of necessary medical services. Thus, according to the head of the social department, the issue will be resolved only after the final implementation of the medical insurance system. To note the process of phased introduction of the Compulsory Medical Insurance system started in Armenia on October 1, 2017, and state employees became the beneficiaries of the first stage of the social package.

However, on November 7, Acting Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan stated that the Compulsory Medical Insurance ssystem in Armenia can be implemented within 3-4 years. According to him, at present the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia is preparing a legal framework for the introduction of the new system.

The system will be regulated by the National Fund, which will issue insurance policies. “The state is interested in ensuring that citizens are healthy and apply for medical assistance as little as possible. The state apparatus does not depend on insurance payments, while the revenue of private companies is directly related to insurance policies and the number of patients (the more, the better)” noted Arsen Torosyan. At the same time, if there is a single insurance agency, it will be possible to save on administrative expenses, which will not exceed 2% of the total budget. At the same time the Minister stressed that at present there are discussions on the question of who will be the beneficiary of the future system, all working or all citizens of the country, including children and pensioners. However, today the question remains with non-working citizens, as well as pensioners and children, since the budget is not able to take on additional burdens. Earlier, the former Minister of Healthcare Levon Altunyan stated that according to preliminary expert calculations, the compulsory health insurance policy for working citizens of Armenia who are not state employees and are not listed in the lists of the neediest citizens of the ”Paros ”social program montly will cost 6 thousand drams.

Pensioners in Armenia will be able to attend plays and concerts for free
/Nov 9/Arminfo/Naira Badalian/ Naira Badalian/

Pensioners in Armenia will be able to attend plays and concerts for free. The interdepartmental agreement on the launch of the relevant program was signed on November 9th and the Acting Minister of Culture of Armenia Lilit Makunts and Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilian. According to Makunts, during her trips abroad, she noticed that there – abroad, it was people of retirement age who enjoyed all the benefits of life. “It is retirees who travel the most, attend cultural events, especially in European countries,” she said.

The idea, within the framework of available financial resources, to provide a similar opportunity to Armenian pensioners, also inspired the head of the ministry of labor and labor, Mane Tandilyan. Heads of cultural institutions also gladly agreed to provide a certain number of tickets from each event. The number of tickets can vary from 2.5% to 20% of the seats in the hall. According to estimates, about 2 thousand pensioners can use the program monthly. Distribution of tickets between pensioners will be engaged Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

To note, as of January 1, 2018, there are 455,609 pensioners in Armenia, instead of last year’s figure of 462,754 people.