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Freedom House names Armenia as country with free internet
/Nov 1/Panorama/

Armenia has risen from Partly Free to Free Country in the annual Freedom on the Net 2018 report by Freedom House independent human rights watchdog. 

Freedom on the Net is a comprehensive study of internet freedom in 65 countries around the globe, covering 87 percent of the world’s internet users.  

Armenia is ranked among the 19 countries where the organization has observed progress over the past year.

“Of the 19 countries with overall score improvements, two – Armenia and the Gambia – earned upgrades in their internet freedom status,” the report says.

“Armenia rose from Partly Free to Free after citizens successfully used social media platforms, communication apps, and live-streaming services to bring about political change in the country’s Velvet Revolution in April,” reads the document.

The study found that the “global internet freedom declined for the eighth consecutive year in 2018.”

“The biggest score declines took place in Egypt and Sri Lanka, followed by Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Venezuela,” says the report. 

Tablet production grows seven-fold in Armenia
/Nov 5/PanArmenian/

The production of tablets has grown by 7 times in the first nine months of 2018 year-on-year, the National Statistical Service reports.

In particular, 384 tablets were devised in January-September 2018 against the 55 produced in the same period in 2017.

While the manufacture of computers has increased by 99.3% this year, no smartphones and handsets were produced in the reporting period.

Construction of a complex for IT companies is planned in Yerevan
/Nov 10/Arminfo/Alina Oganesyan/

Dalan Technologies Group presented the Chief Architect of Yerevan Artur Meschyan and the Chairman of the City Planning Committee of the Republic of Armenia Avetik Eloyan a project to create a complex for IT companies in the territory adjacent to the Tsitsernakaberd crossroad. This is the press service of the Committee.

Group leader Armen Ter-Tachatyan noted that there are practically no infrastructures in Armenia for IT companies whose offices are mainly located in Soviet buildings. "In such conditions, it is difficult to provide appropriate conditions for quality work," he stressed.

The complex, which was developed according to the criteria of the International Association of Managers and Building Owners, is designed for 2,600 employees and will include office space, leisure infrastructure, training center, equipped with modern technologies.