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French OpenClassrooms to open branch in Armenia
/Nov 13/ARKA/

YEREVAN – The French educational online platform OpenClassrooms will open a branch in Armenia, the press service of the Armenian president said. It said an agreement to this end was reached at a meeting in Paris between Armenian President Armen Sarkissian and the founder of the OpenClassrooms Pierre Dubuc
OpenClassrooms is an online education platform for vocational training, providing courses in IT, technology entrepreneurship and digital skills. Courses are conducted fully online, through a mix of video resources, online reading, real-life projects and individual mentoring sessions.
Founded in 2013 by Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra, OpenClassrooms now has 2.5 million users worldwide and offers courses in English, French and Spanish. The company’s mission is to ‘make education accessible.
Students can choose to follow online courses in subjects ranging from _javascript_ to Product Management or pursue internationally recognized degree programs.

Armenia’s mission to Syria of humanitarian nature only: acting PM
/Nov 13/Aysor/

Armenia’s government aims at assisting the Armenian community in Syria’s Aleppo, acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan said, asked about the decision to send Armenian military contingent to Syria.
He stressed that it is exclusively a humanitarian mission aimed at assisting the local Armenian community.
“The initiative had been discussed both with the Syrian-Armenian community, Armenian public and Russia. Discussions took place during which a decision was made to have our contribution to the normalization of life of Armenians in Aleppo,” Pashinyan said.
“We had concerns regarding the right perception of our mission in Syria by our international partners, but I can state now that we have reached final understanding, and all our partners treat our wish to help our compatriots in Syria with understanding. We will implement our

mission according to its description not more or less,” Pashinyan said.

Armenia Negotiating Purchase of Su-30SM Fighters from Russia
/Nov 15/Defenseworld.net/

Armenia is negotiating the purchase of Su-30 fighter jets from Russia, the country’s acting Defense Minister, David Tonoyan said Monday.

Tonoyan also said that no decision has been made to buy Swedish multipurpose Saab JAS-39 Gripen fighters for the Armenian Air Force, despite reports in the media. However, he did note that Yerevan has received an offer “from another [foreign] partner”, UAwire reported Tuesday.

Shortly before the change in government in Armenia, the country’s Defense Ministry postponed the possibility of buying Russian multipurpose Su-30SM fighters until 2024. The project, which envisages the sale of at least one squadron of the fighters to the Armenian Air Force, was signed in 2012, but has not yet been brought into effect due to financial difficulties on the buyer’s side. This was reported by the Russian news outlet Kommersant, which also noted that Russia is expecting to implement the agreement ahead of schedule with Armenia’s new leaders.

The Su-SM 4+ generation (modernized serial) is designed to dominate fights in the air and to attack ground targets using high-precision modern weapons under both clear and challenging weather conditions.