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Armenian servicemen’s salaries not to be raise, but rewards implied instead – Tonoyan
/Nov 13/ARKA/

YEREVAN, November 13. /ARKA/. Armenian Acting Defense Minister David Tonoyan, speaking Monday at a news conference, said that despite the 26.6 percent growth of the ministry’s budget, salaries will not be raised.
Instead, the ministry intends to pay rewards to frontline servicemen thanks to efficient spending of the budget funds, he said. 
“If the economy develops properly, tax inflow intensifies and the budget grows, it will become possible to speak about increase in salaries,” Tonoyan said. 
In his words, 1,400 apartments will be allocated to officers in service and retired servicemen from the ministry’s housing fund.  
The process is under way now, he said, and 120 servicemen have already received apartments. 
The acting defense minister also said that another decision implies preferential mortgage lending terms not only for young for servicemen, but also for those having significant service records.

Cabinet rejects bill on banning same-sex marriage citing existing prohibition in Constitution
/Nov 15/

The Cabinet today issued a negative conclusion for the bill submitted by MP Tigran Urikhanyan on amending the Family Code of Armenia.

Deputy minister of labor and social affairs Arsen Manukyan said that the lawmaker proposes to add a ban on same-sex marriage in the code’s marriage regulations, thus ruling out same-sex marriages.

“Article 35 of the Constitution already defines that marriage is possible [only] between a man and a woman. In addition, the necessary conditions for marriage are also stipulated in Article 10 of the Family Code, according to which a marriage registration requires mutual consent between the man and the woman, as well as marriageable age – 18 or above,” the deputy minister said.

The Cabinet rejected MP Tigran Urikhanyan’s bill because the Constitution already bans same-sex marriage.

In order to avoid misinterpretations and manipulations, caretaker Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan asked the deputy minister: “Suppose two men or two women enter a [marriage registration office] and say they want to marry…is there any legislative way or possibility for their marriage to be in fact registered?”

The deputy minister said there is no such possibility, since the Constitution Cleary states that a marriage can be registered between a man and a woman.

Crime rate drastically grows in Armenia: NA vice chairman
/Nov 16/Aysor/

The crime rate in Armenia grew as compared with the same span of the year. NA vice spokesperson Arpine Hovhannisian wrote in her Facebook page that from January 2018 till August the number of committed crimes in Armenia reached 14, 205 while last year 12,484 were registered in the same period. In 2016 12,294 crimes were registered.

“It is not necessary to be a specialist to understand that the number of crimes has drastically increased in Armenia while this is the statistics before the declared amnesty,” she wrote, adding that the scaring statistics does not seem to worry the police which rejected the information about the growth of crime rate in the country in a response to a paper’s question.

She also wrote that in January-September 2018 the number of crimes has already reached 16,227.

PHL, Armenia initiate talks for labor deal
/Nov 18/BusinessWorld Online/

THE Philippines and Armenia are discussing the possibility of a bilateral labor agreement, Moscow-based Philippine diplomats said.

In a statement last week by the Philippine Embassy in Moscow, the Embassy’s Second Secretary and Vice Consul Jeffrey A. Valdez met with officials of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the labor deal on Oct. 30 in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

“The Embassy wants to be proactive in extending assistance to Filipinos under its jurisdiction,” said Ambassador to Russia Carlos D. Sorreta, noting that “a bilateral labor agreement is an important step in that direction.”

Mr. Valdez was accompanied by Third Secretary and Vice Consul Catherine F. Alpay and Attaché Vida Cara.

The initiative was proposed by the Philippine side in the hopes of increasing the number of Filipinos living and working in Armenia.

The Embassy noted that the increasing popularity of Armenia as a tourist destination, especially among Filipinos based in the Middle East, contributed to the growing number of Filipinos settling in Armenia.

Armenia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs East Asia and Pacific Division head Mnatsakan Safaryan committed to cooperate on the possible agreement. He said Filipinos were viewed as law-abiding and productive contributors to Armenian society.

He added that the Armenian government is also exploring best practices in protecting its nationals abroad, given the “significant diaspora” of ethnic Armenians. Armenia has a population of about three million, but as many as seven million live overseas.

According to the Philippine Embassy, an estimated 300 Filipinos currently reside in Armenia. — Camille A. Aguinaldo