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Healthcare ministry bans Serbian-made unregistered medication in circulation
/Nov 21/

At the order of the Armenian healthcare minister, the circulation of Serbian-made (Zdravle) Spasmalgon, 500mg+5mg+0,1mg tablets, serial number 1801800 (expiration date 12.2019) in the country have been banned.

The healthcare ministry said that the medication is not registered in Armenia.

The ministry has ordered the importer to recall all batches from pharmacies and medical facilities nationwide.

Armenian health ministry to launch government-financed stroke treatment program
/Nov 23/ARKA/

YEREVAN – In 2019 February Armenia’s Ministry of Health will launch a thrombolytic therapy program for acute and / or subacute ischemic cerebral stroke as part of government-financed medical services.
The acting Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan said the program is very important in terms of reducing mortality and disability rates resulting from non-communicable diseases. He said the program is to ensure a kind of therapy that will help eliminate the stenosis of cerebral vessels to prevent  development of stroke. This, in turn, he said, will save the patient from long-term disability and save his life.
The beneficiaries of this program are those patients that will be taken to stroke treatment centers within 24 hours with clinical symptoms of brain stroke and diagnosis of acute and / or subacute ischemic brain stroke.
The program will be implemented by the Mkhitar Heratsi Yerevan State University Foundation and the Erebuni Medical Center. It is expected that within one year about 250 patients with stroke will receive treatment in the respective centers.
The government will release about 400 million drams (about $825.6 thousand) for the implementation of the program, which is supposed to significantly reduce mortality from strokes as well as reduce disability by about 39%.

Pashinyan going to reduce extreme poverty within 5 years in case of winning in upcoming elections

YEREVAN – Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan says he is going to reduce extreme poverty within five years in case of winning in the upcoming early parliamentary elections, reports Armenpress.

“We will reduce extreme poverty in Armenia in coming five years, will eradicate unemployment. We will do this by creating new jobs, investments and factories. Today nearly 500 million USD investment programs in Armenia are being discussed with the government. We want to encourage you to be engaged in entrepreneurship”, Pashinyan said during the election campaign of My Step alliance in Spitak town.

The acting PM said they will provide the villager with everything in order to be able to independently build his/her welfare. “We must provide the villager with irrigation water, loan resources and ensure the consumption and export of their products outside Armenia, we must help the people to earn because the citizen of Armenia must ensure his/her welfare with a dignified work”, Pashinyan said.

The early parliamentary elections in Armenia will be held on December 9. The election campaign began on November 26 and will end on December 7. 11 political forces are participating in the elections.

Government Raises Minimum Pension, Poverty Benefits
/Nov 29/RFE/RL Armenian Report/Sargis Harutyunyan/

The Armenian government announced on Thursday increases in the minimum amount of modest pensions and other benefits paid to tens of thousands of people.

The measure, effective from January 1, will benefit some 85,000 elderly or disabled persons as well as individuals who lost their sole breadwinners. They all will be paid 25,500 drams ($53) per month.

The government said the sum will match the new extreme poverty line that will be set by it for next year.

The total number of retired people in Armenia aged 65 and older exceeds 497,000. Nearly seven percent of them are not eligible for normal pensions because of their insufficient work experience. They currently receive 16,000 drams each in monthly retirement benefits, compared to 21,500 drams paid to Armenians with various disabilities.

The average pension in the country stands at around 41,000 drams.

Arsen Manukian, a deputy minister of labor and social affairs, told RFE/RL’s Armenian service ( the pay rises will cost the state budget around 6.7 billion drams in 2019. Manukian said the government is committed to eventually raising regular pensions as well.

The government’s 2019 budget approved by the parliament last week projects no such rises. It calls for 444 billion drams in total social spending.