Talks over gas tariffs are underway, says acting minister Garegin Baghramyan
/Nov 21/

At the moment talks are being held over the gas tariffs, there will be news about tariffs in February 2019, Armenia’s acting minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources Garegin Baghramyan told reporters.

He said there is a working group for this purpose which includes the prime minister’s advisor, ministry staff members and the public services regulatory commission. “This working group will observe the issues of formation of import tariffs, as well as the domestic structural problems of tariffs”, he said.

As for the electricity, the acting minister said the public services regulatory commission conducts annual observations in this regard.

Armenia to build most low-cost TPP in 26 months
/Nov 21/

The energy market model in Armenia will be improved and the sector will shift from the single buyer-seller model to a more liberal model, according to caretaker minister of energy and natural resources Garegin Baghramyan.

Speaking at a press conference today, he said that a competitive arena will be created in the energy sector.

“Each circle will be responsible for the problems it has caused. As a result of the new market model it is envisaged to ensure increase in the inter-border trade, which will enable to import cheaper electricity energy,” he said.

Speaking about the ministry’s activities of the past six months, he pointed out the contract on building a new combined steam-gas cycle power block in the territory of the Yerevan TPP.

He said it will be the most low-cost thermal plant in Armenia. “The construction process will last 26 months. The unit will have 250 employees”, he said.

Armenia negotiations with investors having concrete proposals in nuclear power sector
/Nov 21/

Armenia is negotiating with Russian, Chinese and French investors having specific proposals in the atomic energy sector.

Caretaker minister of energy and natural resources Garegin Baghramyan told reporters today that all proposals will be studied and depending on their appeal, as well as compatibility with Armenia’s conditions, a decision will be made.

Speaking about renewable energy, he also noted that in the coming two-three years it is expected to develop a tender package for a 100-120 MW solar power station.

“There is a pilot program that we want to carry out. During the recent Energy Week in Armenia we also spoke with representatives of Siemens, who said that they will consider the implementation of a pilot program on a small accumulative station in Armenia with grant money,” he said.