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VWFA: Geography of wine exports from Armenia expands
/Nov 30/Arminfo/Alina Novhannisyan/

In recent years, winemaking in Armenia is developing rapidly. About this during an informal meeting with the RA acting Agriculture Minister Gegham Gevorgyan and wine producers were told by the Executive Director of the Wine-Making and Viticulture Fund (VWFA) Zaruhi Muradyan. This is stated in the official report of the agricultural department

Z.Muradyan emphasized that there are quite high volumes of investment in the field of wine production, new winemaking companies appear on the market every year, new gardens are established, the export geography is expanding, and thanks to the Foundation's various activities, export volumes are increasing.

She said that at the moment the Foundation is working to improve the quality of wine raw materials and to increase the recognition and ranking of Armenian wine in the international market. According to the report, during the meeting, the parties discussed the development prospects of the field, the main problems, exchanged views on the directions in their solution.

Meanwhile, according to the data of the RA Customs Service, in the first half of 2018, Armenia reduced wine exports to 1.1 million liters, which is less than a year ago by 14.8%. The customs value has also decreased – by 12.5% to $ 4.3 million. The lion's share of export supplies falls on the Russian market (75.1%), with a significant lead followed by the USA (4.6%), Switzerland (4.5%) , Ukraine (2.1%), Italy (1.8%), Georgia (1.1%), Belgium (0.6%), China (0.3%), and also Estonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Austria and others.