The Problem of the Biological Laboratories in Armenia


‘The labs belong to Armenia and have a civilian character’: MFA reacts to Lavrov’s remarks
/Dec 18/Panorama/

Armenian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan has commented on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s recent remarks that the two countries are working out an agreement to ban the presence of “foreign troops” in Armenia

“We are close to completing with Armenia the drafting of a document which will guarantee the absence of foreign military personnel in Armenia. It will guarantee transparency in terms of threats and risks,” Lavrov told Russian radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, commenting on the question over the three American-built laboratories in Armenia.

“It becomes clear from the context that he spoke about the biological labs. Cooperation in sanitary and epidemiological surveillance sector is a part of our bilateral agenda. Armenia upholds all its international commitments aimed at the peaceful use of scientific studies,” Naghdalyan told

She stressed that those bio labs belong to Armenia and are civilian in character.

“I have to repeat myself that the talk refers to the labs that increase epidemiological surveillance and employs exclusively Armenian experts. The labs belong to Armenia and have a civilian character. There is no question of military presence there,” the spokeswoman stressed.  

Current government does not hold discussions with Russia over bio labs: Nikol Pashinyan
/Dec 19/Aysor/

Russian partners have not discussed with Nikol Pashinyan’s government any document on banning foreign servicemen in bio labs located in Armenia’s territory, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in Dilijan today.

“Such like contract was previously discussed with the Armenian authorities but during our ruling we have not discussed such document with the Russian side,” Pashinyan said.

Earlier Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated that Moscow and Yerevan are completing the preparation of document that will guarantee non-existence of foreign servicemen in Armenian bio laboratories.

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The same was stated by Russian ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin who referring to Russian FM’s statement said that Russia and Armenia are conducting dialogue over bio laboratories.

MFA: Armenia biological laboratories are for civilian purposes only MFA: Armenia biological laboratories are for civilian purposes only
/Dec 20/

YEREVAN. – The biological laboratories in Armenia are solely for civilian purposes.

Anna Naghdalyan, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), noted the above-said at Thursday’s press briefing.

She added that these laboratories were overseen by Armenia, and only Armenian specialists worked there.

That is, there is no need for military presence in Armenia’s case, the country is conducting no talks with respect to deployment of military personnel from third-party countries, and nothing is said about a military presence in these biological laboratories, the MFA spokesperson stressed.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had stated that Yerevan and Moscow were completing the preparation of a document guaranteeing that there will be no foreign military presence at the biological laboratories in Armenia.