Lydian Armenia files lawsuits against three activists, demands rejection of groundless statements
/Dec 21/Aysor/

Lydian Armenia company has filed lawsuit against 3 activists for damaging company’s business reputation, attorney Armen Melkumyan, representing company’s interests, told

Referring to the lawsuit against member of Armenian Nature Preservation Front coordinating council Levon Galstyan, Melkumyan said that the lawsuit has been filed against him for baseless accusation of bribery. He voiced the groundless accusations in conversation with CivilNet news agency and wrote about them in Facebook page of the Armenian Nature Preservation Front.

Melkumyan said the company has been tolerant for years toward those who disseminated lies about it and discredited it but as a result of this false information the company stopped working for six months.
The attorney also said that hence Lydian Armenia will not tolerate such attitude and will persecute each attempt aimed at discrediting the company and will call everyone to responsibility.

The company has also filed lawsuit against activist Tehmine Yenokyan who stated in Jermuk square that Lydian Armenia is a corrupt and criminal company.

“Such like statements were voiced by another activist Ani Khachatryan as well. As a result we filed a lawsuit against her too. We have requested the court to demand rejections of these statements,” Melkumyan said.

He said the hearing took place only over lawsuit against Levon Galstyan but the demand is the same for all – rejection and 1 million AMD confiscation.

In the court Levon Galstyan described the lawsuit against him as a persecution against activists.

Lydian Armenia explains taking activists to court
/Dec 21/MediaMax/

Yerevan – Director for Sustainable Development at Lydian Armenia Armen Stepanyan has commented on the media reports that the company has brought an action against several activists.

 “I have always stood against responding to any case, even defamation, in court. Lydian and the Amulsar project have been targeted by all kinds of defamatory statements over the years. It concerns all sectors, by the way. Many of those people fed the public false information in environmental, economic, financial, legal and other areas they had nothing to do with professionally. For years, we have been guided by the broad-minded, tolerant approach: activists do not necessarily know scientific facts. They can be unaware, and they might express opinions that are false and contrary to reality. I have always preferred to present true facts over and over, with patience, and defy the misinformation some activists spread about Amulsar,” Stepanyan told Mediamax.

 “However, our broad-minded approach is not appreciated in Armenian reality. If the company states its position patiently and refrains from going to court or making noise, it does not mean that the aggressive and loud speakers are right. Even our supporters asked why we did not sue the people defaming us. Today some of our lawyers lodged a complaint against the individuals who have been spreading defamatory claims, which discredit the business reputation of our company. We always take responsibility for our statements. We expect the same, at least, from our opponents, to the benefit of the society,” concluded Armen Stepanyan.

Suspension of Lydian Armenia company’s activity results in low export volume: Khosrov Harutyunyan
/Dec 26/Aysor/

Chairman of the NA’s economic affairs standing committee does not agree with the claims that it is necessary to stop mining activity as it is harmful and is not of great economic significance.

Speaking to, Harutyunyan stressed that it is necessary to work with all mining companies to understand how to make their activity safe.

Referring to the tough statements addressed to the activity of Lydian Armenia company, Harutyunyan said that to eliminate the concerns the government must forward clear demand and do everything to reduce the danger even for a percent.

 “If someone asked me what to do in case of Lydian, I would say that if there is even one percent that your productive activity may negatively influence on the mine you should eliminate this possibility. What additional investments are necessary for reducing the ecological impacts, for cleaning stations? Ensure it all and we, instead, grant you with additional privileges. It would be beneficial for both parties,” Harutyunyan said, noting that such cooperation gives opportunity to have serious infrastructures and form big trust among the investors.

“Lydian is a big company, it is necessary to speak with them, to ask their opinion. Such method would have shown to potential investors that the authorities are open for dialogue,” he said.

Harutyunyan stressed that it is necessary to have examples of successful investments and cooperation to attract investors.

He also stressed that tough attitude toward Lydian and other companies as well as closing roads by activists fighting against mine exploitation harm the economy.

“During the eleven months the export volumes have gone down. If Lydian Armenia worked such figure would not have been registered,” he said.

Local Authorities Banned Metal Mining in Jermuk Community
/Dec 26/

Jermuk community council adopted a decision on 18 December 2018 approving the petition of the community proposing ban on metal mining in Jermuk and declaring the community an eco-economic area.

The council voted 7 to 0 for the petition. The Council thus implemented direct democracy, in line with the Law on Local Self-government and the Constitution. The majority of the current population of Armenia exercised their right to direct democracy and submitted a petition to the government and Jermuk community council and mayor with 3000 signatures demanding a ban on metal mining in Jermuk.

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The former government had approved the program of gold mining by Lydian Armenia, despite protests and warnings of environmentalists about the environmental hazards for the nearby villages and towns, including the mineral sources of Jermuk. The new government has suspended the project and has initiated additional examinations.

Chaarat To Extend Kapan Purchase Date After Armenian Regulator Consent
/Dec 31/Morning Star/By Evelina Grecenko/             

LONDON (Alliance News) – Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd on Monday said it secured antimonopoly clearance for the Kapan acquisition from the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia.

At the end of October, the AIM-listed gold development company has agreed to buy the Kapan polymetallic mine from FTSE 250 member Polymetal International PLC for USD55 million.

In mid-December, Chaarat said Polymetal has agreed to accept USD10 million of the USD55 million in convertible notes, rather than USD5 million as originally agreed, provided the acquisition closes no later than January 15.

On Monday, Chaarat said the transaction is progressing as planned, however, due to the upcoming public holidays in Armenia and Russia, the company is in talks with Polymetal regarding the potential extension of the acquisition closing date to the end of January.

“Chaarat continues to work with Polymetal on key transitional details and is making significant progress in filling senior operational roles at the Kapan mine, identifying operational improvements and developing a detailed first 100-day plan,” Chaarat said in the statement Monday.

Chaarat shares were trading 5.1% higher on Monday at 30.75 pence each. Polymetal shares were up 1.6% at 842.60p.