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Why Armenians celebrate their Christmas on January 6 and not on December 25
/Jan 6/One India/International/By Shubham Ghosh/

Bengaluru, Jan 6: While the rest of the world celebrates the Christmas Day on December 25, the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates it on January 6. It also observes the Epiphany (the revelation that Jesus was God's son). Epiphany is now the time Churches remember the Visit of the Wise Men to Jesus.

It is frequently asked why the Armenians don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25 with the western world. First, it is said the birth of Jesus is not established. Historically, Christian churches have celebrated Christmas on January 6 until the 4th century.

As per Roman Catholic sources, the feast day was moved from January 6 to December 25 to cancel a pagan holiday denoted to the birth of the sun. The church hierarchy began to be appointed on December 25. As for Jesus' baptism, January 6 was left as its commemoration day.

Some Armenians fast in the week ahead of the Christmas. The Christmas Eve meal includes rice, fish, yogurt/wheat soup and nevik. Desserts include dried fruits and nuts, rojik and bastukh. Children take presents of fruits, nuts and other candies to their elders.

Four former Republican MPs establish new media company
/Jan 8/Panorama/

Former Armenian lawmakers from the Republican Party of Armenia Arman Saghatelyan, Karen Bekaryan, Mihran Hakobyan and Samvel Farmanyan have established a new company called Quartet Media which has acquired Tert.am, ArmNews and Radio 107 FM.

In a statement released by Tert.am, the ex-deputies voiced concerns over the country’s future but expressed hope to have their input into the creation of a more reliable and predictable future for Armenia.

“In this difficult period of uncertainty, when the fate of an entire nation is on the scale, we cannot remain indifferent as assuming the role of a silent follower or malevolent is not ours. We see the possible threats and are ready to do our best for the sake of real New Armenia and will propose ways to save the Homeland from visible challenges,” they said.

“Highlighting the key role of mass media in the social and political life and in development of public agenda, as well as considering media as an integral part of our vocation and the path we have chosen, we have decided to found Quartet Media company,” reads the statement.

They said that the company will be represented under the Tert.am trademark, naming Aram Antinyan as its executive director.

Armenian conscripts can now use phones while serving in the army
/Jan 8/PanArmenian/

Fresh Armenian recruits will be allowed to take cell phones with them when they are drafted for compulsory military service this winter, Military Commissar, Major General Henrik Muradyan told reporters on Tuesday, January 8.

“By the decree of the Defense Minister, conscripts can carry phones but certain restrictions will be applied,” Muradyan was quoted as saying.

According to regulations published earlier, the handsets must lack video, recording, photographing features and access to Internet.

More number of India nationals comes to Armenia More number of India nationals comes to Armenia
/Jan 9/News.am/

YEREVAN. – The Migration Service of Armenia has provided data with respect to Indian citizens in the country.

Accordingly, the analysis of respective data shows that there is a growing increase in the number of Indian nationals entering the country.

There is an increase also in the number of Indian citizens who have been granted residence status in Armenia. By and large, Indian nationals have been granted temporary residence status in the country, and getting an education is the main basis for being granted this status.

Increase in the number of Indian citizens entering Armenia is conditioned also by the facilitated visa issuance procedure for them.

Adult adoptees in Armenia can receive information on their biological parents Adult adoptees in Armenia can receive information on their biological parents
/Jan 10/News.am/

YEREVAN. – Armenia approved Thursday the procedure for providing information to adult adoptees on the place and time of the adoption, as well as on personal information about their biological parents.

The decision was presented by the acting Justice Minister Artak Zeynalyan. 

According to the current legislation, the adult adoptee has the right to receive the above-mentioned information only in the event of the death of the adopter or by the court’s verdict.

This provision protected the interests of the adopter, but at the same time ignored the interests of the adoptee and biological parents.