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Analyst: It is impossible to repeat Georgia`s tourism successes relying on Armenian values 
/Jan 8/Arminfo/David Stepanyan/

Unfortunately, it is impossible to repeat the tourist successes registered by Georgia, relying on Armenian values, Head of Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs Stepan Safaryan expressed such an opinion to ArmInfo.

“The constant growth of tourism in neighbouring Georgia is a natural result of a whole complex of reasons and factors: advertising of the country and most importantly its values, the development of communications, liberal and political freedoms, traditional Georgian hospitality, etc. And it is clear even to me, a person who has no direct relation to the tourism industry, that of all the above, Armenia can boast of hospitality alone, “he said.

According to Safaryan, in the subconsciousness of the citizens of Armenia and Artsakh there are a number of psychological filters and complexes regarding the external and moral character of foreign tourists visiting the Armenian republics. There should be no gay and lesbian, drinking, untidy-dressed and unclean people. Tourists should not be bright and defiantly dressed.

“Accordingly, based on such criteria, we do not want to see Indians, Arabs, Iranians, Russians, and even Europeans and Americans in our country. This raises a logical question: Who do we want to see in Armenia and Artsakh? Where can we find such tourists, who will spend money in our countries and at the same time correspond to our ideas about morality “, Safaryan stressed.

Meanwhile, the same successes of Georgia, according to his estimates, besides the economic and communication component, are also due to the absence of the above-mentioned filters in this country’s tourist strategy. Similarly, the main tourist centres of the world also “grind” and swallow such a tourist diversity. Meanwhile, in Safaryan’s opinion, Armenians still remain an extremely closed nation with a keen sense of their titularity and some peculiarity. Hence, there is a reluctance to put up with the habits and appearance of tourists, inappropriate to Armenian ideas.

“Any mass phenomenon brings with it not only profits and money, but also garbage and other undesirable attendant factors. We must finally understand this. Understand and decide what we want – to develop tourism and the state or to continue to revel in our exclusivity and genetic purity and other, very possibly, wonderful, but completely unclaimed qualities in the modern world, “the analyst concluded.

According to estimates by the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, in 2018, a record number of tourists visited the country – 8.7 million, 4.9% more than a year earlier – 7.5 million people visited Georgia in 2017. The largest number of tourists is 1.4 million from Azerbaijan, the second place is occupied by tourists from the Russian Federation – 1.4 million. It is noteworthy that the third place is occupied by Armenia – 1.3 million tourists. Georgia was also visited by citizens of Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, the United States. According to Prime Minister Mamuki  Bakhtadze, Georgia’s tourism revenues in 2018 exceeded $ 3 billion.  Meanwhile, in 2017 they did not exceed $ 2.7 billions.

Tourism Committee to have new chair
/Jan 9/

YEREVAN – The Tourism Committee of the ministry of economic development and investments will have a new chair.

Hripsime Grigoryan, who has been appointed as chair of the Committee by the prime minister’s June 11, 2018 decision, will be represented in the new Parliament of Armenia as an MP from My Step alliance.

Anna Ohanyan, spokesperson of the ministry of economic development and investments, told Armenpress that the new chair of the Tourism Committee is elected by the minister’s proposal based on the PM’s decision. “No candidacies are being discussed at the moment because the Cabinet is not formed yet”, she said.

Baggage wrap monopoly no longer exists in Yerevan’s Zvatrtnots International Airport
/Jan 10/ARKA/

YEREVAN – Monopoly of baggage wrap no longer exists in Yerevan’s Zvatrtnots International Airport, Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Time) reported on Thursday.  
According to the media source, after the velvet revolution in the country monopolies were eliminated in a number of areas, including baggage wrap in the airport. 
Now the baggage wrapping business is available also to other players and prices have been driven down by competition.  
Wrap by using special equipment cost AMD 2,500 to 3,500 drams (USD 5 to 7) before, while now it costs 1,000 drams (USD 2). 
Owners of new baggage wrap services say that if things remain unchanged, some 60 other entrepreneurs will appear at the market, and their appearance will drive prices down again.

Passenger flow in Armenia’s airports increases by 11.9% in 2018 compared to 2017
/Jan 10/

YEREVAN – Passenger flow in Armenia’s two airports comprised 2,856,673 people in 2018, which surpasses the figure of 2017 by 11.9%, Armenia International Airports CJSC told Armenpress.

The passenger flow in Zvartnots airport grew up by 10% in 2018. In 2017 2,448,251 people used the services of the Zvartnots airport, whereas this number in 2018 was 2,690,727.

The passenger flow in Gyumri’s Shirak airport comprised 165,946 people, compared to 105,664 people in 2017.

Flight-landings in both airports increased by 9.8% in January-December 2018 compared to January-December 2017.