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About 30 percent of Armenian IT engineers are girls, Russian edition says
/Jan 15/ARKA/

YEREVAN – The Russian publication has a story about the impressive achievements of girls in Armenia’s IT industry.
"What captures attention, apart from the rapid growth of the sector is the large percentage of girls involved in work at all stages and in all directions," it says.
The story recalls that in 2000 the Armenian government announced the IT sector a priority: it stimulates the attraction of foreign investments, considers ideas about building engineering campuses and introduces tax privileges.
As a result, more and more people are seeking positions in IT industry, but the number of applicants still does not keep pace with the ever-increasing number of open positions. Less than 3 million people live in Armenia, a little more than a million in Yerevan, and more than 22 thousand of them work in the IT sector, whereas there are still about 3 thousand vacancies.
The story says there are teams specializing in game development, web design, cryptocurrency and blockchain, but most of them focus on software development. And it turns out that a small number of large software development companies bring up to 48 percent of the total income of the sector. Of 22 thousand IT engineers, 74% are engaged in software development. For comparison, in Ukraine, developers make 58% of all workers in the IT sector, in Belarus – 40%.
"The main feature of the Armenian IT sector is not fast growth and neither creative offices. As long as the technical world is striving for gender balance and diversity, and the percentage of girls working in IT does not exceed 20% on average, in Armenia the figure is close to 30 %, " it says.
Moreover, the girls are involved not only in the business departments and marketing, they are game developers, programmers and testers.