Armenia getting a network of Electric Vehicle charging stations (video)
/Jan 22/PanArmenian/

A network of 23 electric vehicle charging stations will be built throughout Armenia in 2019, the government revealed in a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 22.

The move comes after the cabinet of ministers approved VAT exemption for electric motor vehicles and motorcycles (non-hybrid) starting from July 1, 2019.

The decision will be effective until July 1, 2022.

According to the document approved by the government, the bill seeks to promote the use of electric cars in order to help curb air pollution.

Armenia, “Gazprom Armenia” agree on preserving domestic tariffs for gas – Pashinyan
/Jan 22/

YEREVAN – Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has informed that the authorities of Armenia have agreed with “Gazprom Armenia” on preserving the domestic tariffs of gas, ARMENPRESS reports Pashinyan told “Ria Novosti” in Davos.

“Gazprom sells gas not to Armenia, but Gazprom Armenia, that’s why our role is intermediary. But we have agreed with Gazprom Armenia that gas price will not change inside the country”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

PM Pashinyan emphasized that it’s very important for the Government of Armenia to agree on a long-term gas tariff. “At the moment discussions are underway at the Eurasian Economic Union on creating a single gas and energy market, therefore, we have numerous issues to discuss”, Pashinyan said.

Gazprom raised the tariff for gas supplied to Armenia from 150 to 165 USD from January 1. After that Pashinyan announced that the gas tariff will remain unchanged for consumers, emphasizing that the Government of Armenia will continue talks with Gazprom Armenia for reaching a final agreement.

Solar panel production volumes grow by 4.4 times in Armenia
/Jan 23/Panorama/

4,966 units of solar panels have been manufactured in Armenia in January-November 2018, according to the data released by the National Statistical Service (NSS). As the newly released data suggest, the production volumes grew by 4.4 times to compare with the volumes produced in the same period of the previous year.
Meanwhile, the vehicle battery production volumes constituted increase by 31.7%, amounting for 27, 891 units, the source said.

Armenia interested in construction of transit pipeline in its territory: PM
/Jan 29/Aysor/

Armenia is interested in construction of a transit gas pipeline in Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with Russian RBK asked whether Armenia plans to join the countries seeking to have less energy dependence from Russia and viewing variants like North Stream 2.
“Unfortunately today North Stream-2 is not being built in Armenia. We are interested in construction of transit pipeline in Armenia which would transfer gas or oil from A point to B,” Pashinyan said, adding that Armenia is very much interested in such projects.

Armenian vice-premier explains at whose expense local consumer to enjoy unchanged natural gas price
/Jan 30/ARKA/

YEREVAN – Armenian Vice-Premier Tigran Avinyan told journalists on Wednesday that although Russian Gazprom’s natural gas price for Armenia was increased from $150 to $165 per 1,000 cubic meters on border, the price for consumers in Armenia will be left unchanged.
The price, he said, will be kept unchanged at the expense of Gazprom Armenia and optimization of some price-making components, such as re-calculation, reassessment and revision of losses and many ther indicators.  
“I think we will find those particular points where it will be possible to carry out the optimization,” Avinyan said. 
Along with that, he said that negotiations over the matter are under way now and all the arrangements made before that are in force so far.  
“The negotiations are under way now, and as soon as other indicators become known, we will inform people,” he said. 
Russia is the only natural gas supplier to Armenia’s consumers. The country receives gas also from Iran, but in Armenia’s territory this gas is transformed into the electricity subject to export back to Iran – 3 kWh per 1 cubic meter of gas. 
Russian gas is distributed by Gazprom Armenia (a subsidiary of Russia’s Gazprom). 
Now those entities consuming less than 10,000 cubic meters of natural gas pay AMD 139,000 for every 1,000 cubic meters (VAT included).

Armenia should have diversified energy system – Nikol Pashinyan
/Jan 31/

YEREVAN – Alternative energy develops in Armenia at a fast pace, which is a very important sector for our economy, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said in a meeting with the Armenian community in Cologne, answering the questions of the representatives of the Armenian community, reports the correspondent of ARMENPRESS from Germany.

“We are implementing a project aimed at prolonging the exploitation term of Metsamor Nuclear Power plant. This process is implemented under the supervision of the IAEA. It’s not only our experts who say that there is a potential to prolong its exploitation term, but also the international specialists say that”, Pashinyan said, emphasizing that nuclear energy is very important for Armenia.

“Of course, Armenia is also interested in having a new nuclear power plant. It’s a matter of discussion to find out if it’s realistic or not amid numerous factors. We discuss that issue with circles, companies and countries interested in that. At the same time, you know that today alternative energy develops in Armenia at a fast pace. It’s also a very important direction for our economy. Our general strategy is that our energy should be diversified, and we should not depend on one source of energy, be it nuclear power, hydropower or thermal power.  

In the sidelines of my visit to Germany we discuss a project with KfW Bank, which is of regional importance. We try to make Armenia a transit country for energy and make it a full part of at least regional energy system”, the PM announced.