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Two ethnic Armenians in new Lebanon Cabinet Two ethnic Armenians in new Lebanon Cabinet
/Feb 1/News.am/

Two ethnic Armenians have been appointed to Lebanese PM Saad Hariri’s Cabinet of Ministers.

Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian is a high-ranking member of ARF Dashnaktsutyun. Guidanian was also tourism minister in the previous Cabinet. He holds a degree in physics from the Lebanese University, The Daily Star reported.

Richard Kouyoumjian has been appointed Social Affairs Minister. Formerly a dentist in the U.S., Kouyoumjian went on to study international politics and national security at the Institute of World Politics in Washington. Kouyoumjian was the Lebanese Forces’ main spokesperson in their 2009 electoral campaign and has been an electoral candidate three times – in 2009, 2013 and 2014.

Fake news and spread of disinformation on social networks and media in Armenia grew substantially in 2018
/Feb 5/ARKA/

YEREVAN – Fake news and spread of disinformation on social networks and media in Armenia grew substantially in 2018, according to Haykaz Baghyan, the head of the STEM program center.
Speaking at a press conference today, dedicated to the International Day of Safe Internet, which has been celebrated since 2004 on the second Tuesday of February, he said the INSAFE pan-European initiative, expanding year after year, brings people together to combat illegal, malicious and irrelevant content.
He said there are foreign media in Armenia that pursue their goals, and there are local mass media that spread disinformation. ‘The emphasis when submitting information depends on the choice of editors,” said Baghyan, noting that the main target is politics, but the coverage of other areas is also politicized.
In turn, the coordinator of the Safe Internet program Narine Khachatryan noted that a significant flow of misinformation comes from abroad. In this context, she noted that increasing media literacy plays an important role in combating this negative phenomenon.

Armenia to open embassy in Qatar – over half of expenses will be covered by host country
/Feb 5/ArmenPress.am/

YEREVAN – Armenia will have an embassy at the State of Qatar, ARMENPRESS reports the issue of opening an embassy in Qatar is included in the agenda of February 6 meeting of the Cabinet.

The residence of the Ambassador will be in Doha.

The maintenance expenses of the embassy will amount to nearly 93.7 million AMD annually. Qatar is ready to pay 53.5 million of the total sum for 3 years. The remaining 40.2 million AMD funding will come from the state budget.

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the State of Qatar were established in 1997.  In 2014 Gegham Gharibjanyan was appointed Armenian Ambassador to the State of Qatar, who is also Armenia’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

“Panarmenian Media Group” announces the termination of its activities  as a media association
/Feb 8/Arminfo/

The largest media holding in Armenia, Panarmenian Media Group, announces the termination of its activities as a media association. This is stated in the statement of the organization.

In a statement, in particular, it is noted: “A number of changes occurred among shareholders of companies cooperating with Panarmenian Media Group. In particular, businessman, TV presenter, head of Panarmenian TV, broadcasted in the USA, David Avetisyan became the owner of 51% of ATV’s shares and 49% remained to Panarm Inc.. There were also changes among shareholders of ArmNews, Lav Radio and Tert.am portal. These media were acquired by Media Quartet (former MPs, former republicans Samvel Farmanyan, Arman Saghatelyan, Mihran Hakobyan and analyst Karen Bekaryan, ed. note).

The family of the founder of the Russian Comedy Club Production, the entrepreneur Arthur Janibekyan, became the owner of the full package of shares of the Armenia TV channel and Radio Jan.

Taking into account the wishes of shareholders, it was decided to terminate the activities of the Panarmenian Media Group as a media union.

To note, prior to the recent changes, one of the owners of the above media was the son-in-law of the third president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, Mikayel Minasyan

Prosecutor: An unprecedented growth in burglaries was registered in Yerevan in 2018
/Feb 8/Arminfo/Alina Hovhannisyan/

By the end of 2018, 11344 cases of crime were registered in Yerevan, which is 9.9% more than a year ago. The increase is due to growth in the number of crimes of moderate severity, grave and especially grave ones. 

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan Prosecutor Gevorg Baghdasaryan said this. According to him, an unprecedented growth in the capital was recorded in burglaries, which grew by 81.6% to 801 cases. In parallel with this, there is a tendency of y-o-y reduction in the number of their disclosures: according to the results of 2018, only 9.5% of the total number of cases of apartment theft in Yerevan were disclosed.

He noted that during the reporting year there was damage of 1.981.242.023 drams, of which 623.820.833 drams were restored. The main part of the reimbursed funds related to criminal cases in the points of technical inspection.

In 2018, 12 murder cases were registered in Yerevan, compared to 11 a year earlier. The rate of disclosure of these killings was 85.7%, against 80% a year earlier.

The number of crimes related to deliberate damage to health decreased by 19.8%, amounting to 368 cases, including 86 cases of intentional grave injury (against 89 in 2017) and 25 cases of robbery (against 28 in 2017).

In 2018, 111 corruption cases with abuse of official authority were registered (against 54 in 2017), 113 in bribes (against 99 in 2017).  This growth is due to the active fight against corruption.  As G.  Baghdasaryan noted, in 2018, 563 cases were registered in Yerevan (against 335 in 2017) for moderate injuries and severe injuries as a result of traffic rules violations. According to him fatal cases with violation of traffic rules increased by 15.5%. 

Un centre culturel pour les Arméniens du canton de Neuchâtel
/10 fev/Arcinfo, Suisse/Beaucoup de monde à la chapelle de la Maladière.     David Marchon

Traditions Conserver et transmettre la culture arménienne : c’est le but poursuivi par le centre qui s’est ouvert en ce dimanche à Neuchâtel.

Les Arméniens du canton de Neuchâtel, soit une trentaine de familles, disposent désormais d’un centre culturel. Il a été inauguré, en ce dimanche après-midi, dans la chapelle de la Maladière, à Neuchâtel (la religion et la spiritualité jouent un grand rôle dans la culture arménienne).

Ce centre, qui espère attirer également les Arméniens des régions voisines (et même tous ceux que cela intéresse), a pour but de conserver et de transmettre la culture arménienne : valeurs, traditions, langue, littérature, histoire, musique, danse, etc. Il a été mis sur pied, principalement, par Asatour Bedikian et Tatev Babayan.

L’Arménie, qui compte 3 millions d’habitants, est située dans la région du Caucase, entre la Turquie, la Géorgie, l’Azerbaïdjan et l’Iran.