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Zhamanak: Gazprom Armenia to cut 1,200-1,500 employees
/Feb 13/Aysor/

Zhamanak paper writes that job cuts are expected not only in state but in private sector as well.
In particular Gazprom Armenia company’s leadership is planning to cut 1,200-1,500 employees.
Such situation is in many companies as when the owners of companies are forces to register employees and pay taxes, they more prefer to get rid of them.

Armenian programmers unveil AI robot-assistant designed for medical diagnostics
/Feb 13/

YEREVAN – Armenian programmers are participating at the HIMSS19 Health IT Conference in Florida, United States.

The conference brings together leading healthcare, pharmaceutical companies offering new technological solutions.

Sylex SARL, a company that co-founded the National E-Healthcare Operator company of Armenia, is representing Armenia at the event.

Sylex SARL is presenting its solutions for electronic healthcare, including a system assisting diagnostics with artificial intelligence.

“Every year we came to HIMSS as a visitor to get familiarized with innovations,” says Sylex SARL CEO Avet Manukyan. “We are proud that this year, along with global giants like IBM, Oracle Corporation and others, we have our own pavilion”.

The system offered by the Armenian company is a robot-assistance for a general physician. It can help a doctor to make more accurate and quick diagnosis, thus save time.

“As soon as we will be convinced in its absolute effectiveness during testing, we will be able to confidently offer to use the services of Doctor Lex”.

Armenia gets first ambulance helicopter
/Feb 14/ARKA/

YEREVAN – Armenia’s Health Ministry has acquired the first ambulance helicopter, minister Arsen Torosyan said in a Facebook post. “Good news from Marseille. Today Armenian Helicopters LLC has acquired this helicopter from French Airbus company,” Torosyan wrote.
The Armenian Helicopters company founded in Armenia in June 2018 said earlier it was ready to operate the ambulance helicopter.  The company was awarded the permission by the Civil Aviation Administration. The company planned to invest $10 million in the next three years and create new jobs.
On April 19, 2018, to stimulate the company’s activities, the Armenian government provided it with tax rebates for the import of necessary equipment. 
Earlier the minister said the ambulance helicopter will be used to evacuate patients not only from remote and hard-to-reach regions, but also patients needing urgent surgeries.

Armenian programmers’ AI-based solution on display at HIMSS19
/Feb 14/, Armenia/

Armenia web developers are attending the international HIMSS19 Health IT Conference in Florida, USA. The event kicked off on February 11 and is due to close on February 15.

The conference gathers leading global companies that present tech innovations for the healthcare sector. The participants are healthcare, pharmaceutical enterprises and representatives of renowned medical universities, who offer innovative approaches and new technologies for healthcare.

A co-founder of National Health Operator of Armenia CJSC, Sylex SARL will have a separate booth at the conference to display its new e-health solutions including a diagnosis assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The robot system developed by the Armenian experts can operate as an assistant to physician and help with precise diagnosing.

“Participation in HIMSS pursues two goals: present yourself and learn about innovations happening elsewhere in the world. As an IT company working in the healthcare sector, we follow general developments in the field. Our engineers also strive for new, bigger achievements. We attended HIMSS as guests every year, just to see the innovations. We are proud to participate this time, to have a booth next to the giants of the sector such as IBM and Oracle Corporation,” said Sylex SARL CEO Avet Manukyan.

According to him, healthcare sector has both huge interest and demand for AI-based solutions. Sylex SARL’s assistant can help physicians give more accurate diagnosis, avoid excessive tests and save the doctor’s time which can be spent on other patients.

“This solution is designed to serve as a tool for doctors. As soon as we prove its absolute efficiency through testing, we’ll be able to use our “doctor Lex” confidently. For now, we plan to test it in the universities. Senior students will try to compete with the AI-based solution,” said Sylex SARL Director of Business Development Garren Badalyan.

The company’s programmers worked on the robot assistance in cooperation with doctors and used The Merck Index and PubMed.

Every year in Armenia 80-100 children up to 18-years-old suffer from cancer
/Feb 15/

The whole world celebrates February 15 as International Childhood Cancer Day since 2002 to raise awareness and to express support for children and adolescents with cancer, survivors and their families.

Every year in Armenia 80-100 children up to 18-years-old suffer from cancer.

Currently, the full treatment of these children is possible in Armenia with the standardized American and European schemes.

The role of the City of Smile charitable foundation in the treatment of those kids is highly valued. The foundation fully takes care of all the treatment expenses.

By the initiative of healthcare minister of Armenia Arsen Torosyan, major changes occurred in the field of medicine acquirement, by ensuring the availability of non-registered, but very necessary medicines.

Government to unveil new concept to cut unemployment rate
/Feb 15/ARKA/

YEREVAN – The government of Armenia plans to unveil next week a new concept of how it is going to cut unemployment rate, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan said at a Cabinet session today. He said the concept is dubbed ‘Down to work, Armenia.’
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told the session that one of the priorities in this era is to take stock of all the vacancies across the country with the proposed wages, the requirements and addresses of employers.
He told corresponding government agencies to create centers for personnel retraining in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and to activate all those projects which are focused on teaching business skills.
Avinyan said all initiatives will be implemented as part of a single program. He said that along with the high level of unemployment rate there are many vacancies. 
The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan, noted that the ministry’s Employment Center has already registered 2,200 vacancies, but the demand for them is low because of low wages.

Maternal mortality rates up, child mortality – down in Armenia in 2018
/Feb 18/Panorama/

8 cases of maternal mortality connected with pregnancy complication and during the period of child delivery and post-delivery have been registered in Armenia
In January-December 2018. According to the released data of Armenian National Statistical Service, for the indicated period the mother mortality rate has amounted for 21.9 per 10,000 births.

To note, the index of maternal deaths was 3 in 2017 connected with pregnancy complication and during the period of child delivery and post-delivery.

Meanwhile the index of child mortality r was 7.1 deaths per 1,000 births last year which is 260 infant deaths under the age of 1 year. The number was 311 in 2017 and 352 in 2016.

Armenia’s permanent population drops in a year: statistics
/Feb 18/Panorama/

Armenia’s permanent population shrank by 7,600 people last year to stand at 2,965,100 as of 1 January 2019, according to the latest figures released by the Statistical Committee of Armenia. 

The statistics show that in 2018 the population of capital city Yerevan grew to 1,080,100 people from the previous year’s 1,076,400.

The regions with the largest population are Armavir and Ararat with 264,600 and 257,100 people respectively. Vayots Dzor is the least populated region in Armenia with 49,300 residents.

The average age of Armenia’s permanent population was 36.5 years as of the beginning of 2018 (36.2 years in 2017) – 34.5 years for men and 38.2 years for women.

In January-December 2018, the population viability rate, i.e. the ratio of birth and death rates stood at 142.3% against the 138.8% recorded in the same period of 2017.

An estimated number of 36,502 babies were born in Armenia last year, while the number was 37,700 in 2017, 40,592 in 2016 and 41,763 in 2015.

Meantime, Armenia saw a rate of 258 divorces per 1,000 marriages last year, with 259 divorce cases recorded in 2017.