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Turkey conducts military drills on Armenian-Turkish border which needs Armenia’s attention: Turkologist
/Feb 22/Aysor/

Winter 2019 international military drills held in Turkey on the border with Armenia will hardly be of any danger for Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Melkonyan told
He stressed that the Armenian-Turkish border has two peculiarities: first of all, this border is guarded by the Armenian-Russian corresponding allied contract and troops and Armenian-Turkish border is a NATO border, though closed.
“I mean that Armenian-Turkish border is NATO-CSTO border. The military drills may be of different nature, but I do not think that they are of serious threat for Armenia’s security,” he said.
The expert though stressed that as far as Turkey is unpredictable country, the drills should be treated a bit seriously. “Nevertheless, I do not think they may be essential cause of shaking the regional stability,” the Turkologist said.
The Winter 2019 military drills with participation of 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, are being held in Kars. They have kicked off from February 13. According to Turkish press, Turkey is using ammunition of its own production.
Turkish sources say the drills are aimed at strengthening cooperation and coordination of actions of divisions in winter conditions.

Salome Zurabishvili to Aliev: Continuing occupation of the  territories of Georgia and Azerbaijan hinders the development of two  countries
/Feb 27/Arminfo/Marianna Mkrtchyan/

The continued occupation of the territories of Georgia and Azerbaijan hinders the development of the two countries. This was announced by Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili during a visit to Baku.”The territorial integrity of our countries is still not restored.

The issue of occupation remains our painful injury. On the one hand, it hinders our development, on the other hand, despite this, for these tragedies, we were able to strengthen our state and economy,” – Zurabishvili noted, Georgia-online reports with reference to the site of the head of the Azerbaijani state.

According to her, Baku and Tbilisi will continue to pursue an independent policy. Zourabishvili also noted the importance of further development of the Azerbaijani-Georgian cooperation. “I am very glad to be here.  Because we have something to talk about about our past and future. Our region is very promising,” the Georgian president said.