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346 people deported from Germany to Armenia last year 346 people deported from Germany to Armenia last year
/Mar 2/

The number of deportations from Germany to Armenia increased last year, Der Spiegel reports quoting the data provided by the Ministry of Interior.

Overall, there were 346 deportations last year as compared to 184 in 2017. The number of deportations to Russia also increased significantly from 184 to 422.

30% staffers at Armenian provincial governments to be laid off
/Mar 1/

YEREVAN – The government of Armenia is planning to cut jobs at provincial governments to make administration more optimal and effective, Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan told reporters.

“We have carried out studies and found out that 40% of staffers at provincial government’s are basically doing nothing. An average 30% of cuts will take place,” he said.

He elaborated that for instance in the Aragatsotn Province they might lay off only 28% of staffers, thus the number of staffers at the provincial government will be reduced from 121 to 87.  He said the goal is solely to have more efficient governance.

“Experts who are professionals in their sectors should have the chance to work in the state administration system, and not those who at some point in time had a friend or relative,” he said, referring to cronyism practices.

Papikyan said they will soon submit a bill to parliament that will include the cuts in the staffs.

Over 27 thousand Armenians got Russian citizenship in 2018 Over 27 thousand Armenians got Russian citizenship in 2018
/Mar 7/

Over 27 thousand Armenians were granted Russia's citizenship last year, Russia's ministry of internal affairs said.

According to the ministry, up to 269.4 thousand foreigners got Russian citizenship in 2018.

Ukrainians top the list of foreigners getting Russian citizenship (83 thousand), they are followed by Kazakhs (45.3 thousand), Tajiks (35.7 thousand), Armenians (27.1 thousand) and Uzbeks (21 thousand).

In October 2018 Russian president signed a concept of state migration policy which is expected to facilitate the process of getting Russian citizenship for ethnic Russians living in other countries.

Staunch anti-smoking healthcare minister backs raising tobacco taxes with WB study
/Mar 8/

YEREVAN – Increasing the price of cigarettes by 45% would avert approximately 88,000 premature deaths among current estimated quitters and non-initiators, according to Armenia’s healthcare minister Arsen Torosyan.

Torosyan, a staunch anti-smoking advocate, posted a 2017 study on his Facebook page that was conducted by the Harvard University, the Washington University and the World Bank. The study shows the positive effects the mechanism can have. 

He also said he will continue presenting the experience of many other countries on how the increase of tobacco excise tax leads to revenue growth, in response to those who argue the contrary.

Armenia launching kidney, liver and heart transplant program
/Mar 9/PanArmenian/

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan revealed on Saturday, March 9 that a living- and deceased-donor transplant program of kidneys, liver and heart will be launching in Armenia.

“We have virtually everything – including political will – for the realization of the program, which will same many lives,” Torosyan said.

Addressing a special meeting on Saturday, the Minister singled three directions for the improvement of the healthcare sector: development of preventive healthcare, introduction of a new mechanism of health insurance, oncology at all levels – from early detection to treatment and palliative care.

Also, Torosyan briefed the attendees on the recent developments surrounding the ambulance service, air medical services and transplantation.