Armenia and Iran look for investor to handle construction of Meghri hydropower plant
Mar 6/ARKA/

YEREVAN – The governments of Armenia and Iran announced the launch of an international tender to choose an investment company that will handle the construction of a 1000 MW power plant that will straddle the border river Arax, Armenian Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural resources said. 
The agreement on the construction of the power plant was signed between Armenia and Iran back in 2007.
According to the Armenian ministry, the investor will independently resolve all the issues related to the search for funds and other organizational issues relating to the construction, operation and management of the power plant.
The construction of the power plant near the southern Armenian town of Meghri should be completed within 5 years, after which the electricity generated by the plant is to be shipped to Iran for 15-20 years through the 20 kilometer long high-voltage transmission line now under construction.
The ministry said the deadline for submitting preliminary proposals is April 5. Proposals should be sent to
The Armenian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources said the estimated capacity of the power plant is 100 MW, the annual estimated production of electricity is 750-800 million kWh and the volume of capital investments is about $300 million.

Paper: Pashinyan traps himself by his statement on gas price
/Mar 7/ARKA/

YEREVAN – In an interview with Russia’s TASS, Armenian Prime Minister expressed hope that the matter of the Russian natural gas price for Armenia will be settled this year. “Negotiations are under way, and I hope that we will manage to solve the problem this year, since the matter is very important not only for development of bilateral relations with Russia, but also for the Eurasian Economic Union as a whole, since the essence of the union is to create a common economic space,” Pashinyan said in his interview. 
168 Zham hopes that the Pashinyan has trapped himself – it expects he will never receive what he wants from Russia. 
The paper’s analysts think that what the Armenian premier has said means that Armenia will find it senseless to be a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, if a common price is not set for all member countries. 
They think that the natural gas price is not only an economic instrument to Russia, but it is also a political pressure lever. In this regard, Pashinyan’s proposal contradicts Russia’s policy. 
So, they say “Pashinyan put himself in an embarrassing position – if no common price is set, he will remain with no option but to take particular steps.