About us

GAB is a website dedicated to the economy of Armenia and the South Caucasus Region.

GAB permits you :

  • To follow up the latest economic news of Armenia : information technologies, agro- industry, tourism, construction, banking, mining, light industries and services.
  • To raise awareness among professionals, decision makers, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, economic organizations, research institutes, news agencies,… about the potentials and commercial opportunities of Armenia's economy.
  • To promote the creation of a network that links professionals to middle and small entreprises, to encourage joint projects and to share business exchanges.
  • To work in or with Armenia, with a high growth level, has many advantages : liberal economic regime, high standards at professional, technical and scientific levels, low wages, pleasant environment of work.

Even more, Armenia is an open and recommended gate for access to the markets of Russia and the countries of CIS. Armenian firms have already gained ground in the region and established reliable connections.